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Glenn Singer
110 Broadway
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756


Agreement (the “Agreement”) dated as of __________________, 201__, by and between the
Band and the Station, for
the Term contained herein, as defined below.

We, the undersigned members of ________________________ (the “Band”) hereby consent to
the non-exclusive use
and broadcast of some or all of the songs (“Tracks”) contained on our compact disk recording
___________________ (the “Album”) solely via the internet radio station entitled www., (the “Station”), Its assigners, or heirs.

The Band understands and agrees that the sole consideration for the use of the Tracks by the
Station will be the broadcast of the Tracks by the Station, except for such royalties (“Royalties”) as
may be payable to the Band pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Station’s Royalty payment
license with STREAMLICENSING.COM (the “Licensor”).  

The Band also Understands that this track/tracks may be shared among the DJ's of

The Station agrees that during the term of this Agreement it will maintain its agreement with the
Licensor in good standing.  

The Station acknowledges and agrees that the Tracks will not be provided to any other internet or
other radio station without the oral or written permission of the Band, which consent shall not be
unreasonably withheld.  

The station also recognizes it will not resend this material beyond the DJ's of the station

The term of this Agreement will be for a period of three years (the “Term), which Term may be
extended by the mutual written consent of the Band and the Station.

Each and every member of the Band acknowledges and agrees that (a) he or she is over 18 years
of age, or that an original signed copy of the Station’s Parental Consent and Release form is
attached hereto and made a part hereof, and that (b) he or she has the right to enter into this

The Station and the Band each agree to indemnify and hold the other harmless from any and all
liability, damages, attorney’s fees, court costs, and/or any other expenses arising from the use of
the Tracks as provided in this Agreement.

The Station shall have the right, but not the obligation, to use any and/or all of the Tracks as
herein provided.

This Agreement may not be modified or extended except by separate written instrument duly
executed by all of the parties hereto.

This Agreement will be governed by such laws of the town of Ocean Grove and/or the State of New
Jersey as are applicable to agreements of this nature, and any/all applicable rules of the Universal
Copyright Convention and the copyright laws of the United States of America.

No other rights or obligations other than contained herein will be allowed without prior consent of
either party.


By___________________________             Date:_____________________________



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By___________________________             Date:_____________________________



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